by Skull Incision

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Split between ELI and Skull Incision

Cover by ELI


released May 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Skull Incision Fresno, California

Solo DIY project.

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Track Name: In a Cage
Trapped in a cage. He loves me a special way. Soiled sheets, long sleeves in the summer to hide the bruises. Keep myself away from everyone. The only one I want to see (to see me) has sewn her eyes shut and gone deaf. Will no one save me from this? Do I have a say in who owns me?

Arms are bound, bugs in the walls, constantly looking over my shoulder. Questions every word. Every look brings cold sweat. My throat's been torn by my keeper. My eyes at my feet, dragging chain along the concrete. All those abandoned look and smile but no words leave their mouths. Their faces are dissolving and blowing away in the wind.

I wake up to a white light. Wrapped in sheets, wires in my skin. My skin is painted in a fresh dark coat. The number of bones multiplied.
Track Name: Abuse
Drug me and top off the bottle. Frequent return customer benefits. They look in my eyes and tell me to leave. The most loving words until that night. There is no greater than he. A shining knight. He treats me, showers me. I know it's love, he shows me every night. He says "top off the bottle," and my scars burn bright. The flood rushes in. Liquid reaches every corner. His eyes disappear. It was an accident. His roars hurt my ears. His arms grow and reach all. I know he loves me, he tells me when he's done with me.

He says no one else will, and I am lucky. This special, secret love is so hard to find. He must be right. I am special, I am great. But why do I feel sick? Why do I shiver in the daylight? Why do I lie awake at night?

And I love her so. At least I think so. Machines have been taught to feel long ago. It's best not to read the side effects. The road back is growing longer and full of holes.
Track Name: Evil
Arms wrap around me as a symbiotic union is formed. One being, one home, one mouth. I am happy. I am scared. Stay seated, stare, and smile. It's fine, it's worth it. The American dream, at least one of them for someone. Perhaps someday. I'll see you never. We'll be a rumor. Fade into a rumor.

The mirror breaks. He tells me I am filthy. Asks me where I've been. It's nothing. The exhaust he spews rises to the ceiling. His arms like whips, lash out back and forth. I can't tell if I feel nothing or everything. This is all my fault. He just does this because I do wrong, but he still loves me. I'll see my friends in white again. Just a short nap then I will be back home. He will be happy again and show me how much he loves me again. Over and over. He just does this because I do wrong. But he still loves me. I'll see my friends in white again. Over and over. And it all turns black.