Profits of Destruction

by Skull Incision

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Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered June 10-June 28, 2011.

"Best album of the year. Genius!" - Alan Smale, father.


released June 29, 2011

Jacob Lee: Everything



all rights reserved


Skull Incision Fresno, California

Solo DIY project.

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Track Name: Ashes, Sweat
Cold air, gray earth, no noise, no one,
Cold air, gray earth, no noise, no one there.

What nightmare did you wake up in?
Structures of man and nature well into decay.
All else is just dust and ash, filling in your lungs.
What has happened since you were away?

You have no home, just a world of desolation.
You have no home, just a world of man's destruction.

"Wait! This isn't real!"

Hear your echoes sing.
Track Name: Civil Disturbance
Calling all cars,
There is unrest,
Between your brethren,
And our top 1%.
Where will they go?
Who will they lead?
They should have thought twice,
Before succumbing to greed.

Let them go, let us go,
Let them know, let it all go.
Track Name: O Father, O Lord
Father hear me,
I've started again,
Having my own mind,
Or what you call "sin."

Oh god, oh earth, oh mother, oh son,
Realize what we are,
Realize what we have.
Track Name: Rats
Bury us,
Look at your world,
What have you become?

Build it high, build it wide,
All you did was strip her bare to stick a tower on her for us to blow.
If you're just a dick to your neighbors don't carry so much pride for your belongings.
You never know when she'll go boom and flatten your surroundings.

It all burns in her fire.

No home left, be like you are inside, dig underground you rat.

File your claws, lose your eyes, go deeper, live deeper,
Dig in dirt, play in dirt, lie in dirt, fuck in dirt.
Track Name: Prophets of Destruction (Boba Threat)
Urban hunter, when will you have enough gold for your family?
White-collar killer, did all those creatures really threaten your health?

How big is your ego?
How big is your wallet?
They must be full to burst.
I can only hope.

Human waste,
When does it end?

How could you?
You're killing everything.
How could you?
Where did you get the right?
Track Name: Faces
Empty Faces
Who are you now?
Where have you gone?
Why try when you won't do the same?