Split with Noah Sias

by Skull Incision

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released February 29, 2012

All Skull Incision songs and instruments written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jacob Lee.
Track two lyrics written with refrigerator magnets by roommates Samantha Statkus and Steffanie Hawthorn on 12/26/11.
Artwork by Noah Sias.

CDs available at PlasticSkull.Storenvy.com



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Skull Incision Fresno, California

Solo DIY project.

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Track Name: Who the Fuck Cares About Casey Anthony?
A house with a white picket fence,
Morning breakfast of embryos and fat,
Package your children, addressed to assimilation,
Wallow in your wastes, ingest your poisons,
See your friends through a silver screen,
Masturbate over their lives,
Call and vote for your favorite contestant,
Growing distant from human contact,
Forgotten wife, forgotten spawn,
A house with a barbed wire wall.
Track Name: Insanity For Sanity
You are such a horror,
Outrun plague, take rip skull,
I will kill you human,
Need to taste flesh,
Cut my soft full eye,
Suck stiff head then groan,
Wander beneath skin,
Pale corpse hungry for dead cybersex,
Slow insane night in which they smash his bone.
Track Name: Sky Tower
Mr. Corporate Fuck,
Eyes to the sky,
Sell your family out,
Hang your losses to dry,
Make them quiet,
Or they will hold you down,
All they did was love you,
But you didn't even care,
All they did was try,
But you don't even care,

Build your empire higher,
Your empire in the sky,
Raise yourself up,
Over the rest of humanity,

There's no better goal in this life,
You're a waste of a living soul.

I have it all,
What could go wrong,
There's a fire,
Make for the exit.
Track Name: Coffin
Shut down with nothing left,
Life in a box with blackened walls,
A whole world outside surrounding, encasing, tightening its grip on you,
So distant and cold, where is there to go,
Each step towards another empties the heart even more,
The present is stuck, the future is gone,
All chances, all options are lost.
Track Name: Filth
What has come of this disaster,
We've forgotten our place here,
Rising higher than what was meant to be,
Your souls are heavy with filth,
Your mind must have been silenced years ago,
Bound, beaten, and raped, like the Mother you've betrayed,
How dare we settle with indecency,
How dare us all?
I wonder is there anything left?
Am I nothing but a villainous father?
Do we give birth to a doomed future?
Children forgive us.
Children save us.
We were held down by our own fucking apathy.